Directing the Dell Show

· Shakespeare Live have done five shows so far at the RSC's open air venue in Stratford upon Avon. The first was a compilation of scenes - Shakespeare on Love. The second was a murder mystery based on Macbeth. Next came The Rain it Raineth, on the theme of weather and the seasons, and Seven Ages, exploring a man's life. The latest play was Bottom's Dream, based on A Midsummer Night's Dream

· Ideas for plays have to fit the RSC's criteria of length (1hour 15mins - 1 hour 30mins), lack of technology, and a strong connection to the plays of Shakespeare. We feel we have been successful in our applications partly as they have all reworked the plays rather than just shortened them

· So far, the writers / adapters have also been the directors, although this isn't vital

· From Sh Live's angle, the play should involve around 10 -12 people with a fair bit of flexibility of age / gender, who need to be available for the August Saturday and rehearsals before, and for a tour usually in early October

· Ideally the Dell show won't repeat the material of the main show in the same year

· The application to the Dell involves a synopsis and a choice of dates, and is completed in February

· The audition process should be in the spring, with rehearsals in parallel with but not competing with those of the main show, and then more rehearsals after the main show ends, plus a couple of catch up rehearsals before the tour

· Rehearsals usually take place in members' houses / gardens; Gill & David Morrell and Rod Moor-Bardell have suitable spaces and are usually welcoming

· This is a crew-lite show, but an SM is a good idea. Costumes should be inexpensive; using from our stock is ideal. Minimal props as everything has to be transported to Stratford and round the venues

· The date is usually around August 12th - most people travel up on Friday, meet for a meal and do publicity, then stay overnight ready for a DR on Saturday early, followed by shows at noon and 3pm

· Gill Morrell does the admin both for Stratford and the tour in conjunction with the director(s)